About Me

I have 10 years of programming experience, with my areas of focus being web based systems, database optimization for high scalability, and security. While I’m not nerding it up, I serve as a die-hard Yankee fan, take pictures of stuff and collect sports memorabilia. I also like to write. I am currently a senior at Binghamton University where I study Computer Science, Philosophy and the menu at nearly every fast food restaurant.

Feel free to download my resume (PDF 78KB) to see an extensive list of my development skills.

Some of my skills:

  • PHP (Expert, 7 years experience)
    • Advanced web-based systems
    • Optimization techniques for high-volume traffic
    • Security optimization and identification of possible points of security failure in already existing applications
    • Integration of 3rd party APIs
    • Development of custom APIs
    • OOP
  • MySQL (Expert, 6 years experience)
    • Optimization techniques for storage of large amounts of data
    • Security (preventing and identifying all areas at risk for injection, etc.)
    • Utilization of stored procedures and functions
  • ActionScript 3 (Expert, 4 years experience)
    • Game development with Flash IDE
    • Application development with Adobe Flex
    • Adobe AIR
    • Strong and secure cloud integration